Monday, 8 February 2010

Wish List

Here's the current wish list for anyone who wants to forage, root around in their or anyone elses shed etc... :) We are trying to do this whole thing with minimum/ no spend in the spirit of freeganism and so that we can show that anyone can do it if we all pull together, pool our resources and pre/recycle our waste.

Always Needed
-Garden Tools

Top Priority
-Wood/ hay bales for the sides of the cold frame (we have the windows thanks to a lovely fella named Ken)
-Materials to construct a compost box or a compost box
-Lots of newspaper and cardboard- let us know when you're about to recycle and I'll swing by and grab it
-large bit of plastic suitable for covering a poly tunnel

Other stuff
-Tyres- 4 or 5 maybe
-Long poles, broom handles or similar
-Bamboo canes
-long bit of thin, bendy piping
-Shredder or the use of one
-Wood- much wood... as in planks

This is gonna change all the time so check back :) Thank you everyone for your input, energy and enthusiasm. Love it.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but Straw bales are better - If some of them are planned to be used as mulch Hay has seeds which can be a nuisance!
    Also, the tyres need to be nylon belted as opposed to steel belted, so cutting and shaping them can be possible without machinery!
    A plastic sheet can be used for the compost heap to keep the rain off until the box is constructed.