Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Challenge

So, we went to confirm final boundaries with the owner of the land yesterday and discovered that all is not what we thought. Due to a possible bit of miscommunication, we understood the boundaries to be a little different. Turns out we are being offered the W & SW corner of the land. The new base map is as follows:So, the sharp eyed will notice that this is the bit we hadn't planned anything for on our previous plans because it's a lot of slope and a lot of boggy-ness and marsh grasses. These are our new challenges and something we're researching now. Terraces maybe? Raised beds? New plans to follow and help greatly appreciated.
On the plus side, it's a smaller plot so we'll have a bit more time to find and maybe work on other land. We'll be talking to local councils shortly and have a few other ideas including guerilla gardening :) Also, we have acquired a shed which is off the map at the moment. We've got confirmed permission to use the sides of the avenue for herbs and wild salads etc. and there's a possibility that we'll be able to usethe land the other side of the W corner fence to site a pond. Our landowner is talking to the owner of the next field on our behalf. Watch this space.

All in all, i was a bit disappointed to begin with but it's a great lesson in going with the flow and also reminds me that, because we don't want to engage in ownership, we have to be able to let go and be open hearted if people change their minds. It's all about building confidence in our ability to start again anywhere, be productive fast and be innovative. This project is now a bit more challenging and that can only be a good thing for our learning curve as well. Onwards! :)

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  1. Awesome start. Really inspiring. Check out one of the vids I sent you about using marsh grasses to filter and oxygenate water. It was from the Non Conventional Homes video (see from 20:45). Also check out the Permaculture in Practice vid (see from 15:50) for a bit of inspiration on swales and water harvesting.